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Friday, 16 September 2011

September at The Garden

I know I am not the only person to be shocked that we are so far into September already and wonder where this year has gone?

As always we have been kept busy both in the office and down at the Garden. In my last post I mentioned that we were having a stall at Elphin market and I have to say it was a great way to spend my day off! The market is so well organised and is held in the old school and has a great selection of stalls - between selling fresh produce to visitors and stall holders I was planning my Christmas shopping: I really love Szeiler sculptures and Jill's pewter brooches so think there might be a few of my family getting one; Susie's handbags are all original and extremely well made with such attention to detail; Sharon makes brilliant buttons and keep thinking of all the things I can put them onto! There was just so much that Ann-Marie and I have decided to hold a winter market in Achiltibuie - so far we have 14 stalls booked. It was good to see so many local people come along to do their shopping - as well as our fresh produce there was bread, wonderful cakes, preserves, smoked salmon & cheese as well as Sian's croft grown hogget.

Alison went along to the market this week and so we spent Tuesday afternoon picking and digging fresh produce. I got soaked pulling carrots and digging parsnips but it was worth it as they were so good. We also had red cabbages, green cabbages, assorted kale, chard, fir apple & Charlotte potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, living lettuce, salad bags, courgettes, fresh herbs...

When ground has been harvested of produce Di has either been sowing new crops or green manure. We have also been sowing to keep salads going over the winter as well as for 2012.

Strawberries in September - just wish you could smell them as they are wonderful. As I spent quite a bit of time tidying up the plants etc I felt it necessary to do some quality control and the taste was every bit as good as the smell.

Our tomato hanging baskets have been producing the most amazing amount of tasty tomatoes and our only problem is that we can't get them to ripen quickly enough to keep up with customer demand.

We have had so many people coming down to buy fresh produce for their evening meal and what I enjoy is listening to people who are planning their evening meal around what we have available.

On that note I think it's lunchtime and I have my own hydroponic cherry tomatoes as part of my lunch.


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